Request additional payment

When to Request Additional Payment

There are several situations where you might need to request additional payment from the driver:

  • For damage: If the driver or their guests are responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

  • Late return: If the driver returns your car later than agreed.

  • Refueling issues: If the driver fails to refuel the tank as per the agreement.

In any case where you believe the driver should cover additional costs, refer to our Damage Policy for guidance.

The reimbursement process

  1. Initiate the request: Navigate to the relevant reservation details in your FlynCar account and select 'Request Payment'. You'll need to fill out a form to specify the details of your request, and complete with photo if needed.

  2. Driver's review: The driver will receive your request and have the opportunity to review and make the payment.

  3. Resolution of disagreements: If there's a disagreement over the payment, FlynCar will step in to evaluate the situation. Should we determine that the driver is responsible, their registered payment method may be charged for the amount.

Keep your contact details updated

Ensure that the email address linked to your FlynCar account is one you regularly use. This is vital for receiving notifications and updates regarding your reimbursement requests.

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