Adding your driver license

FlynCar License Requirements

Whether you have a domestic or international license, FlynCar accommodates both. To ensure a smooth booking process, adding your driver's license to your account is essential.

How to add your license?

  1. Navigate to Personal Information: Go to your profile and find the ‘Personal Information’ section.

  2. Adding Your License: Select ‘Add driver license’. If you haven’t added your license prior to making a booking request, the system will prompt you to do so.

License details to provide

Make sure to enter accurate information:

  • License number: The unique identifier of your driving license.

  • Issue date: Provide the date of first issue, or the date you obtained your 'B' license (or equivalent, based on your country's licensing system).

  • Country: specify the country in which you obtained your license

Important: Include images of both the front and back of your license.

Privacy and Verification

Your driver's license details are only displayed to car owners. This helps us verify your information and ensure it aligns with insurance requirements.

Tip: Always check the owner’s guidelines for age requirements to prevent any potential rejection of your booking request.

Multiple Drivers for a Trip

If you’re planning to share driving responsibilities, you need to add the additional driver(s) when you request a booking. Simply follow the same steps as you did for adding your own driver's license.

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