Connecting with car Owners

Initiating a conversation with a car owner is the first step in your rental journey. FlynCar's messaging system is designed to facilitate easy communication at every stage of your rental experience.

Reaching Out to Car Owners

  • Pre-booking queries: You might have questions before submitting a booking request. Simply access the car's listing and click on the “Message” button to start a conversation with the owner.

  • Post-booking communication: Once your booking is confirmed, you can continue to communicate with the owner through the same messaging feature. This is useful for discussing any last-minute details or changes.

Staying Informed and Responsive

  • Check your inbox: All your conversations with owners will be stored in your FlynCar inbox.

  • Notifications and Alerts: FlynCar will notify you via email and app notifications whenever you receive a new message from an owner.

  • Prompt responses: Timely communication is essential, so make sure to respond to owners as soon as possible.

Why Use FlynCar Messaging?

  • Centralized communication: Keep all your discussions about vehicle policies, directions, pickup/drop-off instructions, and any other details within FlynCar's messaging system. This centralized approach is crucial in case our support team needs to assist with any disputes.

  • Documenting your communication: Having a record of your conversations on FlynCar ensures clarity and can help resolve any misunderstandings quickly and effectively.

Can't Find a Conversation?

If you're having trouble finding a past conversation or need any assistance with the messaging system, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is committed to ensuring your FlynCar experience is smooth and enjoyable.

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