Request a booking

Found the perfect car for your needs? Great! Here’s how to proceed with the booking:

  1. Initiate the booking: Click on ‘Book Now’ on the car's screen.

  2. Review your booking summary: Before you proceed to payment, you'll see a summary with important details:

    • Rental dates & times: Confirm your pickup and return schedule.

    • Location: Verify the rental location.

    • Extra options: Choose any additional features offered by the owner.

    • Detailed invoice: A breakdown of all charges.

    • Driver's license: If you haven't added your driver’s license previously, you must do so now. Learn more about adding your driver's license.

    • Payment method: If you haven’t set up your payment method, do it at this stage. Find out more about payment methods.

    • Insurance document: View the car's insurance details.

    • Cancellation policy: Understand the terms in case you need to cancel. You can access cancellation policy here.

  3. Edit Information: You can still modify your booking details at this stage.

Payment and Confirmation Process

  • No immediate charge: Your card is not debited immediately. We only authorize a bank card imprint to secure the booking.

  • Note for debit card users: The imprint might appear as a debit on your account.

  • In case of decline: If the owner declines your request, any charges or imprints will be fully refunded.

With these steps, you're on your way to securing your ideal rental car on FlynCar. Remember, we’re here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free booking experience! If you need any help you can contact our support team.

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