Set up your payment method

Adding a Payment Method

Ready to book? To ensure a smooth booking process, setting up your payment method in advance is key:

  • Access payment settings: Go to your Account Settings and select Payment.

  • Prompted at Booking: If you haven't added a payment method prior to making a booking request, our system will guide you to do so.

Accepted Payment Types

FlynCar accepts both credit cards and debit cards for your convenience.

Policy on Direct Cash Payments

  • No cash transactions: For the safety and security of all transactions, we strictly prohibit cash payments for rentals. All payments should be processed through FlynCar for your protection and to maintain a secure transaction environment.

  • Online payment security: This system safeguards you against risks associated with other payment methods. If you're unable to pay online, unfortunately, you won't be able to proceed with renting a car.

  • Credit card issues: Renters without a credit card or those whose cards are declined by our payment provider are not eligible to rent your vehicle. Declines can occur for various reasons, including maximum payment limits or anti-fraud filters.

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