Set up account

Account creation

To begin, create a free account by providing basic details such as your name, age, driving license number, and date of issue.

Verify account

When you first create your FlynCar account, you need to activate it by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. This email can take a few minutes to reach you. If you haven’t received it, make sure you’ve waited at least 10 minutes and also check your spam folder.

You can also use mobile phone verification.

Verifying your phone number provides Owners and FlynCar a dependable means of contacting you regarding your bookings or account. Phone number verification also aids in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.

How to verify your number:

During car booking or rental request submission, you'll be prompted to complete your profile and verify your phone number.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your mobile number.

  2. You'll promptly receive an SMS with a 4-digit code.

  3. Input the code on the verification page.

Not receiving mobile verification SMS?

If you're not getting our SMS, possible reasons include:

  • Incorrect country prefix: Double-check and choose the correct one.

  • Mistyped phone number: Edit your number to receive a new code.

  • Using a landline instead of a mobile phone number: Enter a mobile phone number.

  • Your mobile carrier might be blocking verification SMS from FlynCar. Contact your mobile provider to ensure verification texts are not blocked on your account.

Please note that if you don't enter the verification code within 2 minutes, we'll automatically call you and provide the code via voicemail.

If, after checking common troubleshooting reasons, you still haven't received a verification SMS or call, please contact us.

Note: If you change your phone number in your account, you'll need to verify it again.

Manage language

The app's language is based on the language settings of your phone. If your phone is set to a language that isn't available on FlynCar, the app will default to English. For information about how to change your phone's language, please refer to the instructions provided by the phone's manufacturer.

You can change the language in your profile.

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