Review process

Understanding reviews

Reviews are the cornerstone of trust and transparency on FlynCar. They offer a valuable way for both owners and drivers to share their experiences. This feedback not only enriches our community but also guides members in making well-informed decisions.

Our commitment to honest and transparent reviews is unwavering. Please note, offensive or insulting reviews will be removed, and the author may face expulsion from the platform.

How to leave a review

After completing the car inspection, we encourage you to leave a review and provide star ratings. It's essential that your reviews are impartial and relevant to your experience.

You have several convenient options:

  • Post-inspection: Directly after the car inspection, you'll have the option to leave a review.

  • From your home screen: Look for the reservation card saying “Leave a Review.”

In any case we’ll send you and the driver a notification and email reminder to submit reviews.

Review visibility

Once published, reviews are visible on both the public profile and car details. Regularly check your drivers reviews in order to identify areas that need improvement. Take the time to read through them and use the feedback to enhance your service.

Note: Once submitted, reviews and ratings cannot be altered. If you miss the chance to review, it cannot be added later.

Can I contest a review?

We strive for fairness to both owners and drivers, so review cannot be deleted. However, in the instance a FlynCar user leaves a review which you feel is dishonest or unfair, you can contest it by our support team.

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