Messaging driver

Every great rental starts with a friendly Hello! Your first message to drivers is the beginning of your journey together. Our messaging system is designed to make communication before, during, and after a reservation effortless and efficient.

Receiving messages from drivers

Drivers might reach out to you before or after their booking request is approved. Here's how to stay connected:

  • Check your inbox: All messages from drivers will appear here.

  • Stay alert: We’ll send you notifications and emails whenever you receive a new message.

  • Respond promptly: Keeping the lines of communication open is key to a smooth rental experience.

Sending messages to drivers

You can contact drivers at any stage of the rental process:

  • Before accepting a rental: In the 'Request Details', simply click the 'Message' button to start a chat with the driver.

  • After accepting a rental: You'll find the same “Message” button under 'Reservation Details'.

  • Continuing a conversation: Previous chats with drivers are accessible through your Inbox.

Keep all communication between you and your drivers in FlynCar messaging. Whether it’s clarifying vehicle policies, giving directions, sharing pickup/drop-off instructions, exchanging photos, or discussing trip details, keep it all in FlynCar's messaging system. This will helps our support team assist effectively in case of any disputes.

Interactive Chat Button

You can take actions right within a conversation, based on the status of a booking. Here's how it works:

  • Before Booking: In the event a potential renter contacts you before making a booking request, you'll have the handy option to create a personalized quote within the chat. Tailor the quote to match the renter's needs, perhaps modify the listing, it's all possible from within the chat.

  • During Booking: While the booking is in progress, the details are always just a tap away. Simply click on 'See Reservation' in the chat to pull up everything you need to know.

  • Post Booking: Once the rental period concludes, you can provide vital feedback about your experience. See how the trip went or revisit reservation details right from the chat window.

Remember, every action you take is documented in the chat window for your convenience.

Can't find a conversation? No worries! Contact us – we're always here to help and ensure your FlynCar experience is seamless.

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