Understanding your booking price

Key Components of Booking Price

Your booking price on FlynCar is composed of several elements to ensure a fair and competitive rate:

  1. Vehicle price: The rate you set for your car. Remember, you earn 100% of this price.

  2. Discounts: You have the option to offer discounts for longer rentals (weekly, monthly, etc.).

  3. Delivery charges: Set your own rates for car delivery services.

  4. Extra options: Charge additional fees for amenities not included in the standard package, like Wi-Fi boxes or baby seats.

  5. Service fees: These are applied as a percentage of the total reservation cost and include:

    • Payment processing fee: For secure transaction processing.

    • FlynCar platform fee: This helps us maintain and enhance the platform, ensuring a smooth rental experience for you.

Managing and Optimizing Your Prices

You can update your rental price at any time. Navigate to 'Your Cars' > 'Edit Listing' > 'Price' to make changes.

To help you stay competitive, FlynCar offers price recommendations based on similar cars in your area, helping you align with market trends.

Seasonal Pricing

  • Adjust for Demand: Take advantage of varying rates throughout the year. Adjust prices based on seasons, events, or holidays.

  • Setting Seasonal Price: Go to 'Your Cars' > 'Edit Listing' > 'Price' to define specific dates and their prices.

Discount Offers

  • Enhance Appeal: While not mandatory, discounts can attract more renters.

  • Setting Discounts: To create a discount offer, go to 'My Cars', select your car, choose 'Edit Listing', and then 'Discount Offer'.

Setting the right price for your car rental is crucial for staying competitive and maximizing your earnings. FlynCar provides various tools and options to help you tailor your pricing strategy effectively.

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