Understanding rental price

Transparent Pricing: What you see is what you pay

At FlynCar, we believe in complete transparency. The price you see at booking is the final price, there are no hidden fees, no surprises at pickup. This all-inclusive price covers every aspect of your reservation, detailed below.

Components of Your Rental Cost

The total cost of your rental depends on several factors, including the rental duration and the chosen vehicle.

Here’s what makes up the total price of your reservation:

  1. Vehicle price: Set by the owner, this daily rate may vary based on the season and insurance. It's the base cost for renting the car.

  2. Discounts: Owners might offer promotional rates for longer rentals, such as weekly or monthly discounts.

  3. Delivery charges: If you request car delivery beyond the standard area, there might be additional costs. The owner determines these based on the delivery distance.

  4. Extra options: Owners may offer additional amenities not included in the standard package, like WiFi boxes or baby seats, for an extra fee.

  5. Service fees: These are applied as a percentage of the total reservation cost and include:

    • Payment processing fee: This covers the secure processing of your transaction.

    • FlynCar platform fee: This helps us maintain and enhance the platform, ensuring a smooth rental experience for you.

Remember, our goal at FlynCar is to make your car rental experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. The price you book is the price you pay, with all components clearly outlined for your convenience.

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