Rental responsibilities

Embarking on a journey with a rental car comes with more than just the freedom to explore — it carries a set of important responsibilities that ensure safety, satisfaction, and respect for the next user. This section of our help center is dedicated to guiding you through the essential practices of vehicle maintenance and legal compliance during your rental period.

You can find all the Terms and Conditions of the rental here.

Refilling the fuel tank

Fuel is not included in the price of a rental. You should therefore return the vehicle with the same fuel level as it had at the start of the rental.

If the fuel level is lower at check-out, the Owner can adjust the price to compensate for the difference. He will make a request on the app and you'll receive it.

The Owner have 24 hours after check-out to request the adjustment.

Cleanliness Rules

You should always return the car as clean as it was when you first picked it up.

If you return it dirtier than it was before, the Owner can request that we charge you a cleaning fee. To make a fair decision, our team will compare the information provided at check-in (photos, cleanliness rating, etc.) with the check-out photos as well as the photos provided by the Owner.

If at the start of your rental you find the car still dirty from a previous driver, make sure to signal it during the check-in.

In any case, you must follow the Owner's guidelines described in the car details.

Traffic tickets

Disobeying traffic regulations is highly dangerous and costly. You’re responsible for any tickets you receive during your time with the car: you’re responsible for paying the fine and will lose licence points (if applicable).

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