Delivery system

At FlynCar, understanding and meeting our users' needs is our top priority. Here’s how you, as an owner, can make your car listing even more appealing and user-friendly:

Set Your Car’s Exact Location

You can now specify the exact location of your car. This helps renters find a vehicle that perfectly matches their location requirements, ensuring a more efficient rental process.

Define a Free Delivery Radius

  • Attract More Renters: Make your listing stand out by defining a radius within which you are willing to deliver the car for free. Whether it's just around the corner or several miles away, the choice is yours.

  • Customize Your Offering: This feature not only adds convenience for renters but also increases the appeal of your listing.

Include Detailed Instructions

Add specific notes or instructions for the renter. From hidden parking spots to key retrieval methods, clear instructions can make the handover process much smoother.

Offer Paid Delivery Options

  • Extended Flexibility: Set up a paid delivery option for renters who need the car outside of your free delivery zone.

  • Transparent Pricing: This additional charge covers one-way trip only offering more flexibility to drivers if they want to choose a different location for the pickup and the return.

Discover How It Works

Watch Our Demo Video and see these new features in action and learn how they can enhance convenience for renters while providing an additional income stream for you as an owner.

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