My car isn't appear in the search

If you're searching for your car but it’s not appearing in the results, first thing to do, is to refresh the app. If after that the car still doesn't appear, several explanations are possible:

  1. Your listing hasn’t been activated yet. Every new listing is checked by our team before being published.

  2. Your car isn’t available on those dates. Check that you’re searching using dates on which your car’s calendar is free and you don’t already have a rental.

  3. The search criteria don’t meet your rental conditions. Make sure your search takes into account the conditions that you’ve set for your car. You can edit these settings in Your cars > Edit your listing > Booking settings.

  4. You don’t meet the licence requirements for your car. If the car official document doesn’t meet the conditions required to rent your car, then you won’t see your own listing in the search results.

  5. Your car has been restricted. Check your email inbox. If our team restricted your car from the platform, you’ll have received an email with more information and how to reactivate it.

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