List your car

Meet requirement

  • Have a valid car insurance mentioning that you're allowed to rent your car

  • Have a routine inspection and maintenance certificates up to date during the rental

  • Have ownership documents. See more details here

You can't rent your car on FlynCar if one of this requirement isn’t valid.

Create your listing

Ready to rent your car on FlynCar? First click on the card, you can find it in your Profile. Then follow each steps:

  • Indicate car information: make, model, year, mileage, options, license plate number…)

  • Define car location and delivery options. Find more details about this feature here.

  • Add quality photos of your car:

    • A clean car is a good car: take a few minutes to do a fast cleaning!

    • Framing: take a ¾ front picture, a ¾ back picture and a picture of the inside of the car from the trunk. Try to keep the vehicle in the frame, overly zoomed pictures don’t give a good preview of the car.

    • Brightness: Take the pictures in a bright area. If needed, enable the flashlight on your camera to avoid shadows. Have the sun on your back to avoid being against the light. Don’t take the pictures in a dark parking lot.

    • Colors: If your car has a bright color (white, light grey), choose a dark background like trees or bushes. On the contrary, if your car is dark (navy blue, dark grey, black), choose a bright background.

    • DON’T: avoid dark, overly zoomed and blurry pictures.

    • Hint: If you don’t want to show your plate number, tape a sheet of paper on the plate. Otherwise, you can easily blur it or remove on your phone.

  • Detailed description of your car including what’s great about it, which road you can take, why driver would love traveling in it.

  • Set up your rental price. Then you can configure seasonal pricing. Find more information here.

By following this advice, you will increase your chance to rent your car on a regular basis.

Complete listing

Once you finalize creating your car listing, you'll automatically enter the in Owner mode. But, there's still a bit more to do before your car goes live:

  1. Set up your payment account on Stripe: You'll need to provide few information like your phone number, email, name, bank account details, and an ID document.

  2. Complete your listing: Make sure to upload the official documents, like insurance and technical inspection certificates, and set your booking preferences and discount offer if you want.

  3. Await validation: We'll then review your submission to ensure everything is in order.

    • If all is well, you'll receive a notification confirming that your car is now listed and available for rent.

    • In case there's an issue (missing or incorrect documents, unclear photos, etc.), we'll send you an email with instructions on how to resolve it.

Remember, you're not alone in this process. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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