Remove a car

If you wish to remove your car from our platform, it's important to understand that this action cannot be performed directly through the app. To proceed with the deletion, you need to contact our Support Team directly via email at or through the "Get help" feature in the app.

Please note that removing a car from FlynCar is a permanent action and it involves the complete deletion of all associated data. Once your car is deleted:

  1. Car Details: All details specific to your car including model, make, photos, and any other information provided during the listing process will be permanently erased from our database.

  2. Reservation Information: Any existing or past reservations linked to your car will also be deleted. This includes booking details, reservation history, and any related communication records.

  3. Reviews and Ratings: All reviews, ratings, and feedback given by renters for your car will be permanently lost. These cannot be recovered or transferred if you decide to relist your car in the future.

Before deciding to delete your car, we strongly advise that you carefully consider the implications. If you're uncertain or if there's a chance you might want to list your car again in the future, you may prefer to temporarily disable your listing or adjust its availability instead. To do so you can go in Your cars > Edit availability and add the unavailability you want.

Our Support Team is here to help you with any decision you make, and we're always available to discuss your options or answer any questions you may have.

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