Understanding car details

Once you've set your search criteria, you'll see a list of cars that perfectly match your filters.

Exploring Car Information

When you select a car from your search results, you'll be able to access comprehensive details about the vehicle. Here's what you can expect to find:

  1. Description: A detailed overview of the car, including its condition, photos and any unique information.

  2. Features: Information on the car’s specifications and amenities.

  3. Owner Guidelines: Specific rules or requirements set by the car owner, such as restrictions on pet travel or smoking.

  4. Delivery Location:

    • View the default delivery location for the car.

    • You can change this location at any time by clicking on the ‘Select Location’ button, and enter the location you want.

    • You can select a different location for the pickup and return using the tab system.

  5. Insurance Coverage: Details about the insurance provided by the owner, including the extent of coverage.

  6. Extra Options:

    • These are additional features or services offered by the owner, such as child seats or GPS systems.

    • Note: These are not included by default and may incur additional costs.

  7. Owner Information:

    • View other cars owned by the same person.

    • Contact the owner directly if you have questions or need assistance before or during your rental. Learn more about contacting owner here.

  8. Reviews: Read feedback and experiences from previous renters to help inform your decision.

Choosing with Confidence

With all this information at your fingertips, you can make an informed and confident choice for your car rental needs on FlynCar.

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