Car inspection process

Understanding the Check-in Process for Owners

The check-in process on FlynCar is designed to ensure that both owners and renters have a smooth and transparent experience. It's essential to follow the steps accurately to guarantee the safety of your car and to have a clear record of its condition during handover.

If you cannot access the FlynCar app for any reason, fill out the Rental Agreement* form together with the Driver and photograph it. Email this document to our support team at

Prepare check-in:

Up to 12 hours before the rental period begins, you can prepare for the check-in, and save time when you handing over the keys to the driver. Simply access the reservation details in your FlynCar app and select "Prepare Check-in".

  • Begin by taking photos of the car’s exterior. Start at the front and move clockwise, capturing each angle.

  • Repeat the process for the car’s interior.

Meet the Renter:

Meet the renter at the previously agreed-upon location. Ensure that both of you are on time to maintain a positive rental experience.

Complete check-in on FlynCar:

Navigate to "Home" on the FlynCar app, then select the relevant booking event. Click on the "Vehicle handover" to continue the process.

Record the car’s mileage and fuel level. Support this with a photo of the dashboard.

This last step must be carried out with the driver. The driver should verify the photos, take a selfie using your phone, and sign to confirm he’s agree with the car's recorded condition.

Final Confirmation:

Once all steps are completed, the app will confirm a successful check-in. Ensure the renter understands the terms of the rental and any specific guidelines you have regarding your car.

Understanding the Check-out Process

The end of a rental period requires the same level of attention as its beginning. The check-out process essentially mirrors the check-in, ensuring clarity and fairness as you retrieve your car. This helps in settling any discrepancies or potential disputes.

The check-out can be prepared by the driver up to 12 hours in advance, or it can be carried out by you when the keys are returned. If the driver chooses to prepare the check-out, he will follow similar steps as the check-in, and you’ll access directly to the next step on your phone.

Complete check-out:

Update the car's current fuel level and mileage. Again, snap a photograph of the dashboard, clearly displaying the fuel indicator and odometer. Then you and the driver should verify the photos. The driver take a selfie using your phone, and sign to confirm.

Finalize process:

Once you have successfully completed the check-out, you can finalize the process by visiting your reservation details. Navigate to your reservation details and select the ‘Finish’ button. This action concludes the car condition verification process.

  • Important Reminder: Please remember, once you complete this step, you won't be able to make any additional requests to the driver. Therefore, if you need to request any payments, kindly ensure you do so before finalizing the check-out.

  • Finalize Your Reservation: If no further actions are required, simply click on "Yes, finish".

After completing the process, you’ll be able to leave a review to the driver. Your insights help us enhance the FlynCar experience for everyone.

Following these steps carefully helps ensure a smooth and transparent rental experience.

Our goal is to ensure a safe and hassle-free rental experience. By following these steps, you can enjoy a smooth and secure car-sharing journey with FlynCar. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help.

Note: Always ensure you follow these steps accurately to maintain the integrity of the rental agreement and avoid any disputes.

Happy renting!

*Rental agreement in English; in French; in Spanish.

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