Car requirements

To be accepted on FlynCar, your vehicle must :

  • Be parked in their registration country

  • Be be covered by an insurance policy, at least third-party liability insurance.

  • Have a routine inspection and maintenance certificates up to date during the rental.

Additionally, we recommend you check with your insurer that you're allowed to rent your car, according to your insurance contract.

My car is scratched. Can I rent it out anyway ?

You have to provide to your drivers a vehicle safe, and clean. If your vehicle presents small scratches or small damages in the interior that don't compromise the vehicle safety, you can rent it on FlynCar.

However, there is no leeway when it comes to safety (brakes, tires, lights, seatbelts, etc.) and equipments of your car.

No leeway either of the cleanliness of your car: make sure your car is clean (inside and outside) when you give it to a driver.

What are the quality standards on FlynCar?

Here's a list of all the standards you should meet when renting your car. These are here to prevent any trouble, for you, or the Driver:

  1. Your calendar needs to be always up to date, so that Renters have as much information as possible.

  2. You shouldn’t cancel rentals, unless it's a force majeure case. However, if you do need to cancel a rental, you will find our cancellation policy here.

  3. You should be honest in your description and use quality pictures to show your car. You can find our tips here.

  4. You should follow our recommended price, to avoid pricing your car too high or too low.

  5. You should rent a safe, clean car. The Driver is also responsible for giving back a car as clean as the one they got. Find the rental's terms and condition here.

  6. Your car should be well maintained.

  7. You need to give the car with at least one quarter of the fuel tank. This also means that the driver should give the car back with as much fuel as when they started their trip.

Can I list several cars?

Of course! There is no limit on the number of vehicles you can list.

Can I list a car that isn't mine?

Absolutely! If you'd like to list a car that you don't own, you just need to show us the necessary documents. These should include proof of ownership and evidence that you have permission to rent out the car. For more information about the required document and guidance on how to submit them, follow this link.

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