Customize public profile

Why a complete profile matters

Your public profile is more than just a page; it's your first step towards building a bridge of trust with car owners and the broader FlynCar community. A well-crafted, detailed profile not only helps car owners understand who they're sharing their vehicles with but also showcases your reliability and commitment to a great driving experience. If you're someone who values transparency and trustworthiness, let your profile reflect that!

How to customize your profile?

  • Update Your Profile Picture:

    • Navigate to your Account settings.

    • Access your Public Profile.

    • Click on Edit Profile.

    • Tap on the existing photo to replace or update it, then save your changes.

  • Update Your Cover Image:

    • Go to your Account.

    • Open your Public Profile.

    • Select Edit Profile.

    • Click on Change Cover to choose a new cover image or update the existing one, and ensure to save.

  • Enhancing Your Description:

    • Car owners love to know who's driving. The description section is your canvas - paint a picture of who you are, your driving preferences, and what makes you the ideal renter. Be genuine and clear; it's your chance to shine!

  • Review Your Feedback:

    • Don't forget, the cars you've rented and your reviews are visible on your profile. They tell a story of your experiences - make it a good one.

Peeking at Owner Profiles

Curious about who you're renting from? You've got the ability to check out public profiles of car owners. This is incredibly handy for verifying their info and reading up on other drivers’ experiences with them. Simply tap on the owner's profile within the car or request details.

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